Perfectly Imperfect

A collection of useful, beautiful pieces hand sculpted by 
Tina Frey in her studio in San Francisco, California.


The Landscape Collection

Inspired by the serenity of misty mountains and nature, this new collection with three different silhouettes in various colors allows for endless arrangements so you can create your own serene landscape in your space.

Bubble Collection


Working with natural materials we create each piece by hand. Our intention is to bring joyful serenity to people and spaces through timeless, useful objects.

About us

CUADRADO Champagne Bucket in White


Sit & Stay

Side Table & Milking Stool

Come to our house and stay a while!  The resin Side Table and Milking Stool are perfect for the unexpected guests in your home.  These are also ideal for your bath or spa areas since they are perfectly suited in wet areas too.  Enjoy!

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