Perfectly Imperfect

A collection of useful, beautiful pieces hand sculpted by 
Tina Frey in her studio in San Francisco, California.


Medium Loopy Vase

Our Medium Loopy Vase in new lavender and sage colors features loops reminiscent of handles or a strip of exaggerated lace along the outside. The wabi-sabi imperfections in each loop capture the eye, and compliments any flower arrangement.

Modern Tableware


Working with natural materials we create each piece by hand. Our intention is to bring joyful serenity to people and spaces through timeless, useful objects.

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Brushed Brass Vanity Tray



Sculpt Butter Dish

Our Butter Dish is an elegant way to store butter at your table or in the kitchen. Pair with pieces from our Sculpt Collection for a complete look. 

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