Perfectly Imperfect

A collection of useful, beautiful pieces hand sculpted by 
Tina Frey in her studio in San Francisco, California.


The Essentials Bar Collection

The collection is now available in two new refreshing colors: Dusty Pink and Sea Foam! Perfect for serving guests at your next gathering! Imagine this when the weather warms up and you are having your garden or pool party!

Modern Tableware


Working with natural materials we create each piece by hand. Our intention is to bring joyful serenity to people and spaces through timeless, useful objects.

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HALO Small Plate with Bowl



Noodle Chess & Checkers Set

Let's play a game together with the new chess & checkers set. The sculptural game pieces are inviting to the touch and are mini works of art on the checkerboard. Leave this beautiful set out on your coffee table and let the spontaneous games begin!

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